To buy apartment or rent a place, that is the question

Posted on May 17, 2013 by codrin in Stiri

The economic crisis of recent years has strongly affected the selling price of apartments than their rental price . Thus, in most areas of Bucharest price paid to rent a studio , an apartment with two or three rooms, is 10% – 30 % higher than the rate calculated for a loan for the acquisition of that first house apartment. Thus in Unirii – Budapest, rent a 2 bedroom apartment in a building from the 1960s vary between 300-350 euros, while the rate of the acquisition of such apartment by credit First Home is between 280-300 Euro .

In this reasoning , it is good to keep in mind a parameter variable and less predictable : Euriborul . Today, Euriborul is a minimum value , but it may increase at any time , attracting to himself and automatic increase rate .
” The Romans began to see more and more benefits that it offers a new home . I say this because the number of people interested to move into a new building is growing. If in 2008 , only 3 % of customers had the first option to search a new apartment in 2013 the percentage reached 33 % , “said Razvan Munteanu , general manager .

“Another factor that led to the growth of this percentage is tied to the price of new housing . Developers understand that during this time customers are more thrifty with money market and brought tempting offers with prices close to those of houses located in old buildings , ” he says .

Those who choose to purchase a property at the expense of inhabitants in rent generally take this decision based on several considerations: personal and rational . When we speak of rational considerations , from Caesar Estates real estate advisors advise their customers to translate for a moment instead of a real estate investor and take into account the following three parameters esntiali the medium and long term profitability of a building :

– Year of construction .

– Geographic location and potential of the area ( proximity to shopping centers , kindergartens, schools , parks ) .

– Infrastructure .

The first recommendation from Caesar Estates real estate advisors are apartments in the north of the capital. They have a spacious living area , are mostly built after 2000 , has a good infrastructure and proximity Herastrau Park Baneasa shopping center .

Due to these features , the price per square meter of land is highest in Bucharest , which is why in the north are the most expensive real estate. Therefore, apartments north of Bucharest ( Herastrau, North Road , Dorobanti , Aviation , Spring , Baneasa , Pipera ) are the customer with above average incomes , ages 35-55 years , who see the acquisition of an apartment so utility as well as an investment .

Price per sq / built the apartments in the north varies greatly, from 1500 Euro / sq m, up to 3000 Euro / sqm.

Mean rents in the North are:
• 600 -800 2 rooms
• 900 – 1300 3 bedroom apartment
• 1500 – 3500 4-room apartments and penthouses

People who choose to rent an apartment in the north are both Romanian nationality : public figures , businessmen , executives of multinationals and expats : embassy employees , employees of multinationals , etc.

The acquisition of a building has certain advantages , just as the inhabitants in rent has its advantages. Therefore, Caesar Estates real estate advisors , thanks extensive experience in real estate, offering personalized advice to those that choose to live in rent, and those who want to buy an apartment.


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