Property management

Whether you have just one or several properties, rented or not, Cezar Estates team provides you with comprehensive and professional real estate management services for your peace and comfort.

  • Managing      relations with state institutions (Tax Authorities, Tax Payment, Police,      Fire Fighters, Romanian Post Office etc).
  • Professional      management of financial services (paying taxes, pay monthly and occasional      services providers, insurance payments).
  • Management      of interaction with service providers (Radet, Electrica, Distrigaz, etc.).
  • Cleaning      services.

Using our Real Estate Management services you will have multiple savings and better management of particularly important resources:

  • time
  • energy
  • money

Your time is too important to spend it on: monthly or occasional errands, telephones and time spent looking for urgent service providers, such as electricians, plumbers etc.

Contact us and depending on your needs, we will make you a customized property management offer so that you may optimize your cost and time balance and also benefit from all the advantages of your property investment.