Why choose increasingly more French expats Baneasa residential area?

Posted on May 17, 2013 by codrin in Stiri

In the first quarter of this year, the Caesar Estates recorded a considerable increase in requests for rental / purchase agreement for property located in Baneasa coming from the French population of Romania . If until now the Baneasa area was known as a residential area of ​​concern especially for Native American expats , starting this year it looks like it will become a favorite francophone area . The reason rprezinta moving French School ” Anna de Noailles ‘ into a new office to be built on a plot of 2.4 hectares located near the Police Academy in Baneasa ( Nightingale Lane ) .

The new school will be opened in 2013-2014 school year starting and will have a capacity of 1200 seats for children up to kindergarten and twelfth grade students a

French School Anna de Noailles has increased from year to year the number of students , so in 2005 he had a number of 450 students in 2009 , 750, and in 2011 , 846 students enrolled . Last year, more than half of high school students ( 53 percent) are of French nationality, 36 percent and 11 percent Romanian nationality other nationalities.

The new building of the French school , which will be opened in autumn 2013 , will have an auditorium with all necessary facilities , 40 classrooms, ten laboratories, ten special rooms such as recreation rooms , but of detention space . Draft of the new school includes special rooms designed for meetings between parents, students and teachers. In addition, sports will be arranged with the running track , and a gymnasium with locker rooms and showers .

At first , the school will have its own cafeteria and a dining room with 350 seats where students can eat .

Currently, the French school operates in several buildings from Herastrau , which drew about a popular French majority of the area known as the ” French Village ” or ” French Quarter ” .

AgentiaCezar Estates, located in the French Quarter , has managed in recent years hundreds of requests from both the expats and the Romans interested in the facilities they offer Herastrau , which include French High School ” Anna de Noailles ” . In the context of moving the high school team of real estate professionals Caesar Estates portfolio has topped the exclusive property and Baneasa provides free advice and customized those interested.


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