About us

We are an experienced team of luxury real estate in the center and North of the CapitalCity. We have rented/sold residential/commercial areas both during the “real estate boom” and also during the market “crisis” period. During all this time we have brokered several transactions and therefore, today, we have the necessary experience to assess a property and advise you to make the best choice for you.

We have concluded real estate transactions for public figures, and also leases for multinational companies and embassies. Thanks to our contracts and extensive network of contacts and partners we are able to find special and exclusive offers in the shortest time.

Time is important, both for us and for you that is why we carefully select our offers and contact you only when we have an offer that meets your space, location and budget criteria.

We know from our experience that a satisfied client recommends Cezar Estates real estate services to its friends. Hence, our current clients database has greatly enriched from recommendations.

Therefore, our main objective is to offer you the best real estate services for your satisfaction.