Herastrau Park – a location that gives one enough reasons to live here

Posted on September 13, 2013 by codrin in Stiri

If you have an apartment Herastrau, you’ll learn to live differently than you are used to! You will enjoy the most coveted place to relax in the heart of Bucharest, the host of the most and most appreciated cultural, educational and recreational events.

According to statistics, District 1 of our CapitalCity where HerastrauPark is located, has most of the green areas considering that 39% of our CapitalCity’s green areas are in District 1.

HerastrauPark bounded by Prezan Constantin Boulevard – Aviators Boulevard – Beijing Boulevard- North Road – Elena Vacarescu Street – Bucharest-Ploiesti Road – Kiseleff Road is located in the North of the city and it is the largest park in Bucharest. Herastrau is the ideal place where one can practice almost any kind of sports and it has areas for recreation and culture, areas for sports and entertainment. Since the 1800s, Capital’s high class would walk on the shores of LakeHerastrau that is part of the chain of Colentina river lakes. Towards the end of the 19th century the name of the park became the “Carol II national park “, a regular place for walk and conversation for the residents of Little Paris. The mere arrangement of the park began in 1936, for “Bucharest Month” exhibition.

With the advent of communism, the original name of the park was changed to “Park VI Stalin”. Stalin’s statue was placed at the current entrance from Charles de Gaulle square. This was replaced with one representing the French general, unveiled on the occasion of the Francophone Summit in Bucharest.

Nowadays, HerastrauPark counts among its attractions a summer theater, exhibition halls, clubs and water sports, cafes, clubs and restaurants, a hotel and many other facilities.

HerastrauLake is used for recreation, fishing, water sports and sailing.

The most popular attractions in LakeHerastrau are:

– Herastrau Aquarium
– Children’s Island
– Football Field
– Fishing
– Herastrau Skating Area
– Entertainment
– Bungee Jumping
– Tennis
– Village Museum
– Bucharest City Tour
– Historical monuments
– Bogdani Summer Lounge
– Hard Rock Café


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