You have struck a deal for a property but are you sure you and lead the way transaction? Here’s what you can expect by then

Posted on September 12, 2012 by Cristina Dobre in Stiri

Lack of seriousness is perhaps the strongest reason a transaction is removed as completed. A few hours after the high five , the owner or the customer changes his mind . And this happens more frequently in times of crisis than when the housing market is on the rise .

” It is much harder to secure a property transaction in times of crisis , when prices are lower, permanent owners feel that sell against them , they could get more. On the other hand , customers feel the same way . I think you could find better housing , better positioned and cheaper . This does not happen before 2008 , when all the customers knew that if out the door before signing pre-contract , purchase another property overnight , “says Matthew Argatu , MaxiHome manager .

In some cases, discourage realtors transaction . Many properties are on the market for a long time before they are sold . Sometimes , because the owners have unrealistic price expectations and should take some time to be convinced that they can sell more expensive . In this context, when the price falls, the house should be submitted by the agent as an opportunity . However, some discouraging its customers , promoting the idea that the house is much the market leads to the idea that the property would have a problem, a hidden defect .

Unrealistic deadlines înverşunează both owners and customers

All agent ‘s fault when it comes to setting unrealistic deadlines . Customer and seller , the circuit acts is often a great unknown . Methods to obtain the necessary documents and the deadlines in which to do so, are crucial for a transaction so that it does not reach the unpleasant events .

“Acts are many. Often the expectations are different , depending on the city or transaction is made . Laws are always changing and pending tax certificate , an extract from the land or energy certificate , the parties may become agitated or unhappy , “says Adina Rosca lawyer .

Perfect pricing , a step necessary for a successful sale

But of all the reasons , the most important aspect that can block a real estate story is unrealistic assessment of the property. Owner wants to get as high a price the customer a price as low concern . No theory that takes into account the need to reach a mutually beneficial price . Here, the real estate agent plays a crucial role . Negotiation and mediation between the two parties play a crucial role in the success of a transaction.

“If the mediator is missing, then it can reach the client and the owner beat deal for the price , and you get to bank lending , financial experts say that the loan can not only offer half of what they discussed “continues Matthew Argatu .

In the end , it comes down to the quality of communication . Agent becomes useless , if not do more than to say price and home address for each client in its way , the owner cancels all chances of winning , as long as it leaves aside to look analytically bias when selling real estate , and the client must be honest to him and celelelalte parties involved in the transaction, when it comes to the budget that you have allocated for this procurement .



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